Wednesday, May 23, 2012


with the color pallette this is  so much fun!!  I'm making my life better with small adjustments.  My clothes, plants, everything is subject to change.  W and K must be on same cycle.  Too weird for me.  Life at the Srs. 

And life is in balance.

My happiness is paramount for the first time. 

Doing half hour yard per day, lunch w/others, having my dreams realized.  T is taking me to movie I've wanted to see for months and kept looking for.  It's been playing everywhere else in the world and finally arrived.  Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with all my favorite Brits. 

Told Maria and Ella Mae my theory of evolution and the types of people walking around.  How some brains get stuck in reptile and mammal mode and from the outside they look human.  Inside, the frightened animal peers out and confuses those around them with their animal behavior. 

Coyote is the personification of the mammal animal.  The mythologies make sense now.