Thursday, October 18, 2012

Still Here-Hear

It's like summer today.  87*  and I'm hot, sweaty and functioningI'm playing with the icons at the top and the program does funny things. 

The first sentence was normal changed to heading with pink and green and for the second sentence I changed the setting to subheading and the color disappeared.  I spaced for this paragraph and this is the result.  OK, trying it again.

P//Again it won't let me double space paragraphs.  I can go back and adjust it later if I want. 

I wonder what I would have been with a different homelife. 

P//I can still be it.  I'm sure I wouldn't have been  anything outlandish and that I can still fulfill my dreams when I find what they are.

I love the crazy things it does.  It's so harmless and spontaneous.  I clicked heading and the paragraph above lost color and allowed doublespacing. 

Minor heading.  Added color. 

I spaced and lost all color.  Added back.  I'm worth it. 

I deserve the Best!!