Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Well, happy death day mom

I'm getting over the hurt.

She owes me Big Time.  She picked on me to satisfy her sadism and power issues.  I was the scapegoat that allowed the others to live subnormal lives.  If she had been halfway smart she would have looked for a viable, sensible, not lazy way to function.

You chose to dysfunction because you were too lazy and stupid, yes mom, you were stupid to just look to your own comfort.  Having children is a responsibility that you volunteered for.  You had the option to let me go to possibly a better life and you listened to dad, the alcoholic, who you forced to move to California.  You were in charge and you failed.  You didn't trust him with the money yet you let him make stupid investments.  What was wrong with you?

You used us to ensure dad stayed with you because he was too lazy to rebel against his family.  You knew he'd stay with you as long as there were kids.  Then when we were all grown up, he was too lazy to leave. He never would have left you.  He was always a coward and a bully.

Read today's paper.  Josie died last Thursday the eighth.  Tomas and Della drove past and saw the cars on that day. They commented.   Another user.

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