Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm shaking in my boots-if I was wearing boots.

7/21/11-I can't believe how freaky life is.  Just read that a woman was killed next door to Rick's.  June 5.  This year. 
I was clearing up my exalted emails and happened across one dated June and could hardly believe it, so I looked it up on the SJMN archives and WOW!!!

Too weird for me.  I've been debating going to the wedding reception and shivers......

I was going to write of my feelings over this weed abatement and feeling abandoned by my family.  This is soo much weirder than my family.

7/23/11-Tomas wanted me to go to the reception at their house and I didn't want to go knowing they are not MY friends.  Tomas is the only friend I have.  He is my twin in some ways.  Friend to the world but the world is not my friend.  He came and helped me last Sat before going on vacation; a car trip to see his people.  I booked him Santa Fe Worldmark.

And this morning coming here my check engine light is on.  I've never had one before.  My old cars were old.  So I drove past the carlos car repair garage and no one  there.  He takes Saturdays off.  Maybe I'll call Togami's.  

Called eric and he said to meet him in half hour.  Took me that long to get there.  He had other cars he was working on so I ate my lunch and waited.  After a couple hours he said he adjusted a few things and to get a boat engine cleaner additive.  I went to kragen's on the way home and added it the next fill up.

So far, so good.

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