Monday, November 25, 2013

Down with A's antenna

Saturday no tv reception so I called Joe C.  After talking to Beto and Joe and two antenna companies I decided to scrap the old and wait to start anew.  

As far as I know digital can be placed indoors so maybe I'll try one advertised on tv or check what they have at Fry's.  

All the fear, depression, hopelessness, feeling of being trapped and waiting for death came back this last week.  My childhood was a never-ending bad movie.  Books took me away from my imprisonment.  And now #1 Ladies Detective Agency.  The dvd and books.  A child who was truly loved and cherished becomes a woman able to live her self evolved life the way she chooses.  Not always the way she imagines, not easy or uncomplicated but manageable.  

Like Best Marigold Hotel, if it isn't alright it isn't the end.  Everything comes out alright in the end. 

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