Friday, February 10, 2012

Dashboard Blues(or Greens)

I still don't know how it works and I don't care.  I won't let it make me blue. 

I prefer greens.  Still don't know what I'm doing and it matters less.  So much of my psychic survival was dependent on knowing or being able to make up a reason for living.  I was always so punished by my family for what I did, said, knew.  I hated living.  Constantly being attacked for everything about me.  Constantly having to validate my existence. 

The lack of criticism and censure is unsettling.  My creation on purpose.  I've constructed a balance in my life between the positive and negative and to have more positives is unnerving.  So I'm a lot uncomfortable.  In every way, on every level.  

And I almost discounted my experience by saying a little uncomfortable.  It's a humongous amount.  I just discovered text color.   A on the strip up there. 

Even having spellcheck on and not having it correct me is making me uncomfortable.

I finally figured out the Dashboard controls the blogs.  And I know Edit is the way to change my blogs and Epiphany-Edit is the way to change my life.

Met Wm.Enrique Walker 5318079.  Don the bus driver's friend, customer, painter...  34 soon to be 35.  Married w/children and a grandchild.  Whew!!  Like Sandy a boon companion.  So that's two.

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