Thursday, December 8, 2011


Trying to figure out how the blog lists the chapters.  Other things pop in when I google my blog.  Fits with my feelings.  I know I need to go to SC library and I want to get something clear within me not knowing what it is.  I'm full of lunch and feeling sated and restless at the same time.  Maybe it's just an habitual feeling resurfacing.  I know I've felt it b4.  I'll stay with it, feeling it like a bruise.  Testing the limits and intensity.  Feels dark purple.  Grape??

I have tons of dvds I'm not watching.  Hurray!! Susan!!  Leaving all the manic obsessive/compulsive chaos behind. 

Bub-bye...  This is what newness feels like.  New feelings.  The reaction to new feelings.  The world is not ending.  The old world is changing and I guess in a way the old is ending, dying.  Like 2011.  Like the flowers.

Breathe into the new.

I'm ready to live life anew.

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