Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Following Spirit

Lunch is so pleasant and the people so nice.  Madhu tried to give me her salad.  4/12/13*So wrong.  A horribly contentious person. She missed the bus yesterday and missed lunch completely.  There was so much extra food.  I had seconds of lentil soup/ham so I was so full. 

For a lot of the seniors lunch is the only meal they have.  I'm very blessed to have as much as I do.  I guess THEY felt all the suffering entitled them and no one else's suffering is as important or real.  I'm lucky in that regard too.  Gratitude is a good feeling.

These programs have so many glitches it took me time to get this blue.  I'm learning so much about behavior. BE and Have.4/12/13and enjoying it all.  Oh, BEHAVE!!! OH, BE and HAVE!!!

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