Thursday, December 22, 2011

Xmas Avenger Rides Again-Gossips Beware!!!!

Could not stand the character assassination going on at the table next to puzzle table.  Talk, snipe, talk, snipe, talk.  So I asked the "lovely ladies"  how the target of their bile was hurting them.  They came up with "she holds up traffic in the parking lot and they have to wait for her.  She talks to herself and sprays water on things."   Petty deal. Ouch!

I wished them a merry xmas and to all a good night.  They don't know what bad vibes they create for her and themselves.  They think they're doing something because of the energy generated.  All they do is create more unhealthy energy.  Mom and dad died of heart failure because they couldn't love.  The Tin Woodsman knew he needed a heart.  Without conscious love being generated from the heart it dies, atrophies. 

Like the guy in the exercise room who only exercises his jaw.  I can't figure out whether they fear disappearing so they make as much noise as they can.

I can't tolerate the negative vibes.  I guess I'm filled to the brim and running over.  Their ugliness spews forth and poisons all around them.  I had too much from my own family.  I don't need or want it from strangers. 

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