Friday, December 9, 2011

Yesterday an Eternity Away

I don't know what I feel.  It's something new.  Scary and different.  Scary because it's different.  So I had lunch at the sr. ctr. all this week except for tues. 6th my b-day.  Tomas hadn't called by 10 so I came here and went to Round Table for free single pizza, single topping.  D-lish.  Came back here, showered, exercised 'til dinner time and went to Denny's.  Tomas left music message at 11:21.  So I called him back at 5pm when I got home.  I keep forgetting to check my phone remotely.   I'll try it 2day.

He's picking me up at 5:30 today for b-day dinner.  I told him next week lunch would be good but he says he wants to do it this week.  Hmmm...

So I had free lunch all this week except I somehow lost two rings washing my hands.  I do wash them a lot.   I have to remember more lotion.  This has been like going to work.  And as long as I wear a back brace I'm ok.  I've worn one every day this week.  New behavior.  I know wearing one to cut trees and do laundry makes all the difference in the world.  I guess I didn't think I deserved to feel good all the time.  I had to suffer along with my family.  Now they're dead I don't have to suffer.

Whenever I wake in the night I do my mantras and alpha brain wave breathing.  And it works.  Not quickly, but it works. 

I want to check out the cake at Safeway.  The friday special.  I think I've caught up with all the cakes I missed out on for my b-days.  If they have strawberry cafe whip cream I'll get one.  I can pick and choose and don't have to settle for what I don't want. 

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